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Yes Fashion’s vertically integrated textile operations are at the cutting edge of innovation in the polyester fabrics industry. We operate polyester woven mills to produce fabrics that is further processed into textiles for garments and other products.

A significant proportion of the polyester we source is certified as sustainable by the Global Recycle Standard.

Per month of recycled polyester
yarn consumed
0 Tons
Meters of polyester
fabric per month
0 Million
Meters of digital printing
fabric per month
0 Million
Bio-Fuel and Renewable
Energy by 2024
0 %


The Integrated structure of the production facilities of the Group gives it the following advantages :-

Vision And Goal:


To become a Global Leader in Synthetic Textiles by offering world-class products at competitive price.


Create a vertical manufacturing set up that is sustainable, cost competitive and quality leader. Upgrade existing facilities and expand presence in the value chain to achieve superior quality at competitive cost.

“We aim to be the most preferred Synthetic woven fabric supplier in the world”

Existing Infrastructure Overview - Kim Unit


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